Greensboro Satellite Campus

Winston Salem Campus



Winston-Salem Barber School’s educational objectives are:

  • To train students in the Barber/Stylist Program which includes hair cutting, hair styling, permanent waving, hair coloring, and all phases of theory outlined in this catalog.
  • To prepare students to be able to complete the course, take the final exams given by the School’s instructors, and receive a diploma.
  • To prepare students to take the exam given by the State Board of Barber Examiners upon completion of School. Students must pass a written and practical exam to receive an Apprentice Barber License. Apprentice Barbers must work under the supervision of a Registered Barber for at least one year. After one year, and no more than three years, Apprentice Barbers may take an exam to become Registered Barbers. Registered Barbers may own and operate a shop and supervise Apprentice Barbers if applicable.
  • To prepare students to enter the local and national work force in the entry level position of Apprentice Barber, and to become productive and contributing individuals by translating their newly acquired knowledge into usable, working, and practical skills.
  • To prepare students to perform the duties and accept the responsibilities of the job for which they are trained in an efficient and professional manner.
  • To prepare students to earn a living in the Barber/Styling profession


  • Each student must complete 1528 clock hours of training.
  • Each student must maintain a grade average of 70%. Grades below 70% will be considered failing. Please refer to the satisfactory progress policy on the following page.
  • Each student must pass a final exam given by the staff
  • Upon completion of the above, the student will receive a diploma and be eligible to take the State Board Exam. The State board charges $170.00 to take the Apprentice Exam, and $50.00 for an Apprentice License.